Japanese Locals and Going Out

If you check out any tech blog that talks about travelling to Japan, you’re bound to notice that one of the most commonly raised points about the locals is that they go out a lot. read more

Safety in Tokyo

Many people (especially some website visitors) will tell you that security and safety are certainly not huge issues in Tokyo. There are very rare cases of criminality. read more

Spending Your Night in Japan

While you’re on vacation, you might exhaust yourself too much with everything that you’re doing all throughout the day, and you might feel the temptation to just stay in for the night.  read more


Amelia Izukawa is a woman who believes in the utter power of a nightout to calm one’s nerves. As the media officer of Grand Passage, she believes that no bar (or no establishment, for that matter), can function and survive without good publicity, and good publicity can only be possible through excellent services. And such is the kind you experience with Grand Passage.


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